PNG Masterclass - Landed Homes Success

PNG Masterclass – Landed Homes Success will show you and ins and outs of landed properties in Singapore. Landed properties are usually attempted by more experienced agents as these homes are usually seen as the crème de la crème of the housing options in Singapore. Attain in-depth knowledge and technical aspects of the landed property segment and avoid pitfalls. Get tips on how to acquire listings and manage them with confidence & professionalism.
Lesson Plan & TrainersLesson 1: Rules Governing Landed Property by Ray Teo
Lesson 2: Strata Landed Housing by Jip Ng
Lesson 3: GTA Targeting On Landed Properties In Singapore by Andy Cheng
Lesson 4: Getting Landed Listings by Ben Huang
Lesson 5: Landed – Perception, Positioning & Pricing by Paul Teo
Lesson 6: Listing Presentation by Alex Ng