Property Valuation Services

We provide professional independent analysis, comprehensive and reliable valuation services for all types of properties including HDB and private residential, commercial, industrial, lands, hotels amongst others. We believe our approach on accuracy and high-quality, consistent market leading valuations are critical to the success of every real estate investment.

Headed by Joseph Gan who has over 30 years of experience in the valuation business, our dedicated and experienced team will be able to provide fair opinion of intangible assets for our clients not just for mortgage valuation but also during corporate exercises like acquisitions of local or overseas companies via asset or share transfer, initial public offering (IPOs) and special audit reviews commissioned. Our reports are submitted and validated by local bankers, corporate finance houses, lawyers, auditors and potential investors.

We endeavour to deliver timely and accurate valuation services at a fair and competitive negotiable fee. Our valuation team works on this principle of engaging in a professional, detailed and thoroughly researched process before arriving at the market value of the property, focusing on providing and growing the valuation business services to banks, financial institutions, statutory boards, multi-national corporations, lawyers, accountants and private clients.

Our Valuation Services

  • Valuation for HDB, Private Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Specialised Properties (golf courses, hotels, resorts etc), Development Site
  • Valuation for Sale/ Purchase/ Divestment / Liquidations
  • Valuation for REITS
  • Valuation for Public Listing / IPO / Joint Venture/ Investments
  • Valuation for Mortgage / Loan
  • Valuation for Auction
  • Financial Reporting, Accounting and Year-end book
  • Transfer of Shares
  • CPF Withdrawal
  • Property Tax Advisory
  • Litigation and Expert Witness
  • Fire Insurance
  • Stamp and Estate Duties
  • Commercial Rent Reviews & Lease Renewals
  • Compulsory Land Acquisition Appeals
  • Development Land Financing
  • Our valuation department is in the valuation panel of the following banks and financial institutions
    • DBS
    • OCBC
    • UOB
    • HSBC
    • Maybank
    • CIMB
    • Ethoz
    • Funding Societies
    • Goldbell Financial Services
Joseph Gan

Director, Valuation

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Corporate Leasing

We provide a full suite of comprehensive and professional leasing solutions in meeting the needs of our corporate landlord and tenants for their residential or industrial properties. Our dedicated leasing team will be able to take care of your tenancy matters from marketing, managing and leasing of vacant units to follow up on renewal and rental reports.

Our Clients comprise of Corporate Landlords in helping them to market and manage the portfolio of their properties and Corporate Tenants (Multinational Companies) of whom we are able to assist them with relocation services, tenancy management, account management, home and school search and even hand over services for departure.

Our Leasing Services

    Marketing & Leasing
  • Implement and execution of effective marketing campaign
  • Active marketing and conduct showing
  • Advise and negotiate on offer received
  • Follow up on renewal
  • Tenant retention program
    Lease management
  • Vacant unit
  • Pre and Post Tenancy
  • Handover and Takeover
  • Tenancy issues matters
  • Monthly market reports and updates
  • Rental recommendation and budget proposal
    Financial Management
  • Management of Clients’ Trust Account
  • Rental Collection
  • Rent Arrears Management
  • Property Tax, MCST administration and any other relevant government authorities
  • Monthly consolidated statements, rent reports and payments
Norris Low

Director, Corporate Leasing

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Corporate Sales Services

The PropNex Corporate Sales team offers property sale solutions for real estate asset classes ranging from Residential, Good Class Bungalow sectors to Commercial and Industrial properties. The team is made up of meticulous professionals with years of expertise to deliver exceptional and personalized real estate solutions to clients and homeowners, along with property advices to help one make sound real estate decisions. With ground knowledge of the real estate market, the team identifies unique opportunities and offers high exposure for everyproperty through targeted and strategic marketing platforms.


  • Public Asset Chattels Auction
  • Quick Results
  • Property Closed Bidding
  • Property Closed Tender
  • Property Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Exclusive Private Treaty)
  • Sale/Lease of Private Residential, HDB, Commercial & Industrial
  • Property market analysis


  • Estate sales
  • Trustee sales
  • Liquidator sales
  • Sheriff/Bailiff sales
  • Mortgagee/Bank sales
  • Owner sales
  • Receiver sales

Our Clients

  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Government and statutory bodies
  • Law firms
  • Liquidators, Trustees and Individuals
  • Corporates and Companies
Clarence Goh

Head of Corporate Sales

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About Investment and Collective Sale Team

We work on the collective sales of strata office buildings, retail, condominiums, industrial factories and warehouses, owned by multiple parties. Some examples of PropNex’s past successful collective sale track records are Rose Garden, Clemenceau Court and Gardenia Court. PropNex also handles sales of buildings, retail, factories, warehouses and even residential land for apartments, including landed properties for investment sales.

Tracy Goh

Head of Investment and Collective Sale Department

Headed by Tracy Goh – With more than 30 years’ experience in the real estate industry, Tracy had sold lands to developers for redevelopment. Her vast experience includes running her own agency for 20 years, advising small and big clients in their real estate investment portfolio and in the process sold industrial factories and warehouses, commercial offices, shop retails and shophouses, residential landed and condominiums in all districts.

She joined PropNex in 2018 and successfully secured exclusive collective sale appointments for Kim Sia Court, Boonview Condominium, Seraya Ville and also mixed sites such as Le Shantier and Waterloo View where we intended to add value to owners by engaging architect to apply change of use from commercial cum residential zoning to hotel zoning.

Right now, PropNex has a solid Collective Sale Team of more than 20 consultants who are constantly trained by Tracy and are able to start a collective sale process, educate owners on timeline and in particularly the land prices inclusive of top up lease premiums and development charges.

Together with Mr Ismail Gafoor, this department moves strategically to stay ahead of competition.

Currently, we have 4 exclusive Collective Sale Appointments:

Commercial Zoning:

1. Hoe Chiang/ Lim Teck Kim Site, 999 years and in excess of $200m. Signatures in progress.

Residential Zoning:

2. 93B, 93C and 95 Lorong N Telok Kurau, freehold and near MRT, Reserve Price at $25m and can redevelop into 24 apartments. Launching Now.

3. Vicenta Lodge, freehold and near MRT, Reserve Price at $29m and can redevelop into 27 apartments. Signatures in progress.

4. Jansen Mansions at 25 Jansen Road, Reserve price at $19.8m and can be redeveloped into 21 new residential units. Ongoing

Collective Sale

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Investment Sale

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What is Collective Sale ?

As the term suggests, Collective Sale refers to the sales of strata office buildings, retail, condominiums, industrial factories and warehouses, owned by multiple parties.Some examples of PropNex’s past successful collective sale track records are Rose Garden, Clemenceau Court and Gardenia Court.


Jansen Mansions

Upcoming Projects

Feel free to check out the latest projects up for collective sales below.

Vicenta Lodge

How do we determine the feasibility?

There are many considerations when accessing a property for collective sale. Here is a checklist:
  • What is the Current ZoningMasterplan?
  • Will there be massive development cost involved changing from industrial to residential site?
  • Is this project under built?
  • What is the current land price for such zoning?
  • Will there be many owners who will suffer from financial loss on this project?
  • Is there any encroachment that we need to be aware of?
  • Is there enough premium for owners to agree to en bloc?
  • What is the selling price of the new development in that location?
  • Does this premise qualify for Masterplan 2019 CBD Incentive?
  • Is this project affected by height restrictions?
  • Is this project affected by 85 sqm or 100 sqm ruling?
  • Can there be a change of zoning from industrial factory to warehouse, data centre or Food factory?
To determine all these questions, owners will have to furnish the following
  • Strata area of every unit
  • Share value of every unit

What is Investment Sale ?

Investment Sale - The scope of Investment Sale is extensive and not limiting to commercial and industrial properties. Usually exclusive owned by an individual or a company, PropNex also handles sales of buildings, retail, factories, warehouses and even residential land for apartments, including landed properties

A New Horizon Begins in 2021

The world has changed drastically post covid-19. Things will never be the same again. A new beginning is born. Those who embrace it will prosper even more exponentially, those who refuse to change will be history. Businesses start to evolve post covid-19. Digitalisation is a must now. And many find new businesses and stronger businesses through e-commerce platforms. And many more billionaires and millionaires are born at a faster rate than before.

In one decade, things have changed in Singapore tremendously; the top 3 richest spot now goes to Zhang Yong & Shu Ping who founded the famous HaiDiLao, follow by Li Xiting on medical devices, both imported and the third spot goes to Singapore bred billionaire Goh Cheng Liang.

In 2020 alone, Singapore rolled out the digital banking licences, and that means mega weight financial giants will be coming to Singapore. Alibaba took a 50% stake in Grade A office building AXA Tower; Huawei picked as key vendor for TPG Telecom’s 5G millimetre-wave networks in Singapore; video-streaming platform Bigo Confirmed plans to move its servers from Hong Kong to Singapore; TikTok parent ByteDance ramped up Singapore hiring and plans to invest several billion dollars in data centres and WeChat owner Tencent Holdings confirmed plans for new Singapore office in South-East Asia expansion. They were unfazed and unstoppable by the virus.

All these bode well for property sector and investment sale is definitely poised for tremendous growth for the coming months and years.

The pandemic has pushed Singapore to a new limelight; not only our streets are safe, our government has taken dramatic steps in controlling the virus and we have emerged a notably safe country and we enjoy outings and almost normal daily life routines and our children can go back to schools. This is to be envied by many in the world. And Singapore has decided to help its citizens to a tune of almost $10 billions, digging from past savings. We need not print money and that makes our currency stronger and this strongly appeal to rich investors all over the world as they benefit not from just rental income from real estate but also a safe haven to park their money and currency appreciation in the years to come.

Amidst a low interest rate and virus free environment, bilingual citizens, plenty of government new initiatives to help companies digitalise which will attract even more businesses, jobs are set to recover, hot money continues to flow in, investment sale is set to break new records in the coming year.

Experience the PropNex Difference

It is a bold statement and that statements comes not from just hard work from its consultants, it comes from a Vision from the Management that we must recreate and find new ways to buy and sell real estate.

Our distinct consultancy difference:

1. Finding all ways to add value to clients

2. Achieving a win win proposition with all parties involved

3. Enabling developers to invest in more real estate redevelopment projects by introducing joint venture partners

4. Enabling clients to invest in trophy assets

5. Enabling clients to refurbish their buildings by introducing joint venture partners

6. Enabling clients to take advantage of the Masterplan 2019 CBD Incentive

7. Enabling clients to monetise their assets through reits

8. Enabling high net worth individuals and funds to invest in development projects

They say networking is the key to success and we agree wholeheartedly.

We look forward to add value and network with you. Please contact us for a private and confidential discussion

How do we add value to the office building owners?

  • Is the owner better off selling the building?
  • Should we introduce Equity Partners to buy in the shares of the holding company?
  • Canthe building be refurbished and add gross floor area (GFA) to increase its rental value, thereby increasing its asset value?
  • Can the office building benefit from Masterplan 2019 CBD Incentive?
  • Can an Outline Planning Permission (OPP) be done for the owners to increase its GFA, thereby increasing its selling price?
  • Can we have multiple OPPs? To haveoffice cum residential or office cum hotel?
  • Can there be amalgamation of land plots to achieve higher asset value?

Please contact us for a private and confidential discussion.