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Uncertainties and challenges in a fluid market can deter and impede many from making the right choices when dealing with their property move. In today's market, property-owners are presented with so many options but many of them do not understand what they are getting into seeing the widening gap between buyers & sellers during different points of a property market cycle prompted us to out together the Singapore Property Xpo to address these challenges and issues faced by them.


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May 18 & 19

Singapore Property XPO 2024

Discover a world of possibilities at the Singapore Property XPO 2024! Mark your calendars for May 18 & 19, and get ready to explore the hottest topics and sessions of the year. With a wide range of exciting and informative events lined up, this 2-day extravaganza is an opportunity not to be missed. Register now to secure your spot and be a part of this game-changing event!

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Upgrade your property, financial literacy, and network at Singapore Property XPO 2024! Learn from property experts, gain insights into finance and upgrades, and connect with like-minded professionals. Discover design trends, sustainable building practices, investment strategies, and financing options. Participate in our lucky draw, enjoy refreshments, and explore the latest technologies, products, and services. Improve your financial decisions and potentially save thousands. Don't miss this valuable and rewarding in-person event! Join us at Singapore Property XPO 2024.

Key Featured Sessions

Is this the right time to enter the market? How to minimize the risk and stress when buying the first property? Will the resale market prices come down? If you are eligible to Singaporean’s privileges, should you be buying HDB,EC or Private property?

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