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March 30, 2023

Digital Name Card Replaces Printed Ones As PropNex Takes Green Initiatives In A Big Way

Singapore, 21 March 2023 – PropNex, Singapore’s largest listed real estate agency held its Annual Convention on 15 & 16 March in recognising the top performers of 2022, and the event was graced by guest-of-honour Ms Indranee Rajah, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Finance and National Development. Ms Indranee commended the company for taking the the Green Nation pledge this year spearheaded by the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment as part of local businesses in incorporating sustainable practices into the operations and processes. PropNex is integrating technology into our business processes as we lead in cutting carbon footprint in reducing, recycling and reusing materials in our course of business.

Real Estate Industry Transformation Map (REITM)

The company also commits to achieve the Real Estate Industry Transformation Map (REITM) targets of 100% digital signing of property transaction related documents, and 100% of property agents to be trained in at least one digital marketing tool or skill by 2025. PropNex is advocating all its salespersons and subsequently including clients to submit documents and transactions online in reducing the footprint of the company. Discussions with the management team and team leaders took place and the company is working towards a tiered system of earning green points that in return they could get a green e-certificate or other reusable merchandise. PropNex is relooking into the usage of mineral water bottles especially at show flats and are working with developers in providing other more environmentally friendly options.

Replacing over 5 million name cards annually with Digital Ones

One of the other sustainable efforts that PropNex is embracing is being the first-ever real estate agency to have the salespersons’ name cards built-in their Council of Estate Agencies (CEA) ID tag. It is mandatory for all real estate salespersons to display their ID tag during their course of work and the company took this opportunity to incorporate the unique QR code within this ID tag, so when the salespersons meet any clients, the digital card which has all the details like photograph, handphone number, email address including the salespersons credentials are easily available. “We believe that this cutting down on printing of name cards is part of our roadmap in building a more sustainable living and in caring for the environment. An active salesperson can print and give out close to 500 name cards annually and with our 11,896* (as at 15 March 2023) sales force, we are ceasing printing of over 5 million name cards annually. The company is taking different initiatives in impacting the lives of our future in a big way,” remarked CEO Ismail Gafoor.

PropNex also introduces the near-field communication (NFC) card that requires short-range wireless technology to allow the card-to-phone transmission of salesperson’s profile and contact details. All PropNex salespersons will be issued with both the new ID tag in a brand-new lanyard and NFC card from 27 March 2023 onwards.

Targeting to plant 500 trees by end 2023

The partnership with Garden City Fund had PropNex set a goal to help plant 500 trees this year from July to November 2023 with the commitment of our salespersons. This is in support of the One Million Trees movement by National Parks Board as it aims to restore nature back into our city through the planting of a million more trees across Singapore. This is part of efforts to transform Singapore into a City in Nature, which is a key pillar under the Singapore Green Plan 2030. Community is key to the success of this movement and PropNex’s sales force and their families are working towards playing an active role in the greening of Singapore.

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