Petit Jervois


1,001 sqft $2,841 psf 2Bed . 2Bath

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The Ultimate Living
Compact by Design. Simple living, luxury living, Nestled in a very charming location. Embassy area, next to the famous Bishopsgate residential area. City living for a new generation of well-heeled individuals that's looking for a place in the city yet not in the bz part of the city. Petit Jervois, unconventional unique space. Concept, Centralised the facilities in the centre of the apt & than it opens up. Gives you lots of flexibility that you can create your own space. Every detail is considered & refined to provide the ultimate luxury in more compact & efficient ways #SimonCheong

Two cubes
Infinite configurations
for liveability.

Using a singular block as its
conceptual foundation, the architects
imagined splitting open this structure
to create a pair of pristine cubes.
These cubes were then positioned
after careful consideration of the
tropical climate’s vagaries and the
surrounding neighbourhood.

Urban Industrial feel
1 bedroom 17 units (581 - 646sqft)
2 bedrooms 33 units (743 - 1012sqft)
3 bedrooms 5 units (1044 -1292sqft)

Limited edition. Hand made. Done with passion. Interesting & original.

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Alex Tang