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Success Stories

Every success story may be different, but they all share the same ingredients - perseverance, hard work, and a passionate commitment to the job. Read on to learn what drives these PropNex Millionaires for the year 2020 and how you can emulate their success. This is the fourth year running that we celebrate a double-digit number of Millionaires in the agency. Of the 30 individuals, one-third are made up of the new generation of young salespersons aged between 30 to 35 years old, illustrating an ongoing trend of new faces entering the industry, mostly graduates and those from prior established careers.

We groom Millionaires of the Industry

Aaron Wan

CEA REG NO: R051812G

"In this career, everyone's capacity to do more is measured by our available time. To me, focusing on doing things rightfully and teaching our teammates the same is of utmost importance. While achievements and awards in this career are recognised by production figures, many of us are achievers in our own lives as we may have other areas of focus e.g. families, health, social work, religious work and more.

Hence, I believe that when one is focusing on being diligent, producing honest and good work, we will be rewarded accordingly."

Adrian Koh

CEA REG NO: R045184G

"I am very happy and honoured to be given this title and recognition. It has always been my dream to hit this significant milestone in life. Today’s technology can either hinder you or help you. Embrace technology as it helps make our work more efficient so we can allocate more time for our business and family. Find values that technology are unable to provide so that we will always be relevant and useful toward our clients real estate needs."

Adrian Lim

CEA REG NO: R009649D

"Receiving an award is a retrospective opportunity, as we recall the all-nighters and brainstorming that PropertyLimBrothers family went through to make this possible. Video Home tours presentations, 3D visualisations, firefighting; we always solved things together as a single entity to come out stronger. Keeping abreast with the latest research, trends and news allows us to guide our clients toward greener pastures. Through social media, we have weathered through the pandemic successfully and will continue to push for greater heights. It's all about informative, well-researched and transparent content that underscores our value-added approach."

Adrian Teng

CEA REG NO: R051410E

"I feel humbly honoured and happy to be featured as a Propnex Millionaire. 2020 had been a very challenging year but I am glad that I have supportive clients who trust me to handle their real estate matters.The market sentiment today is not just about pure buying and selling. We need to go extra mile to show clients why and how they can leverage on current situation to their advantage with facts and figures, and support these facts with the Masterplan and upcoming land sales movement. Keeping myself abreast with market trends has helped benefit my clients more and solve the challenges they face."

✨PropNex Millionaire 2020 Spotlight: Alex Goh

CEA REG NO: R018225J

"I am very thankful for all the support from my clients to make this possible. Being a millionaire is not something that I have ever imagined for myself! I believe if I can do it, anyone will be able to do it too. I would like to thank all my team mates, leaders and trainers in Alex Goh Division for all their hard work, making this award possible. To the Management Team and my boss, Kelvin Fong for giving me the platform and opportunities to excel in PropNex. Thank you to all my clients for the support the past few years. Lastly, and most importantly thank you to my family for all the unwavering support at home so I can fully focus on my work."

Anthea Yeo

CEA REG NO: R009549H

"I feel an immense sense of achievement. 2020 was the year we were all impacted by Covid-19 and we were down, unable to carry out our real estate business normally, but I still managed to get this award. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. I am grateful that I am the tough one. In this evolving real estate market and changing times, I set myself apart by staying focused, staying hungry and staying 'foolish'. In this way I will be driving myself to keep learning and always deliver favourable results to clients."

Anne Koh

CEA REG NO: R060977G

"It's been a wonderful two years in the industry alongside my dearest hubby Kelvin Thong, achieving the PropNex Millionaire title for the second time in a row. We initially thought that we could take a break during the first circuit breaker but instead, the company urged us on and we eventually used virtual presentations and consumer seminars to help us close deals. Dedicating this PropNex Millionaire title to the PropNex Management, our ever-supportive friends and clients for the surprise rainbow after the storm! We promise to continue improving our knowledge, to serve all of you with an even beter analytical skills in 2021!"

Kelvin Thong

CEA REG NO: R016001Z

"Being a three-time PropNex Millionaire recipient 3 times in a row is something I never imagined, not when it was a year of changes and challenges due to the pandemic. With the strong directions set by PropNex, we quickly geared up and were steered to the right direction to overcome our challenges and adapt to the changes in the real estate market. I am truly blessed to be able to continue to add value to all the people around me, clients and associates the same, to help them all to take advantage of the market dynamics during the times of uncertainties, which in turn graced me with the PropNex Millionaire title once again."

Athalia Soon

CEA REG NO: R059880E

"I'm thankful to emerge as a PropNex Millionaire especially in the midst of this pandemic where many felt hopeless and lost. I feel privileged as my clients chose to give me the trust to embark on this real estate journey, even though I am only a salesperson for two years. The only thing that can set ourselves apart is our attitude. It is not just about earning but to keep trying and keep doing new things and to keep changing to be better. We may not succeed at the first attempt, but as long as we have a relentless and a willing heart, we will get there."

Cijay Tew

CEA REG NO: R009627C

"The happiest moment for me is witnessing the changes and breakthroughs achieved by fellow teammates, how we grew stronger together and overcame the pandemic as one united people. As we reflect on the changes we made in 2020 due to the pandemic, it has been a challenging year and pushed us to adapt technology in lightning speed. We are indeed grateful for the enormous support from PropNex Management Team, fellow team leaders and all PropNexians coming together as one united team to execute many of the changes needed in order to achieve our goals together. On behalf of Cijay Tew Advisory, we would like to give special thanks to the PropNex Management team, all fellow team leaders, PropNexians and staff for your trust in us so we can give our very best to win together as a team. Grateful to all our clients for the support and trust in us, we will continue to add greater value to all of you. Together, we set a new standard that reflects the deep-rooted leadership of PropNex!"

Cynthia Pang

CEA REG NO: R049664F

Congratulations to Cynthia Pang for your exceptional performance in year 2020, being one of our 30 PropNex Millionaires! 🎉

"I feel truly happy and honoured to be part of this elite group of PropNexians and achieving the title PropNex Millionaire for 2020. I believe as clients get savvier both in terms of knowledge and tech, real estate salespersons have to set up faster to always be at the forefront of the market. It is our duty to ensure that clients achieve their ultimate property, be it for their dream home or investment. Being true to yourself, coupled with integrity is an important factor for longevity in this business."

Dominic Lee

CEA REG NO: R010497G

"I feel appreciative for those who have supported and believed in me over the years. I hope to inspire those around me, to believe in themselves and work hard, yet diligently for their goals. Times have indeed evolved since I joined PropNex back in year 2006. To stay competent, I always tell myself that there is always room for improvement, for me to be better. I would like to thank my leaders for the faith and belief in my leadership, the PropNex Management team for their continuous trust in me and my wife who has been a strong pillar of support. Lastly, I thank God for the unmerited favour is all that I undertake."

Eugene Lin

CEA REG NO: R058135Z

"I am incredibly honored to achieve this recognition alongside my colleagues. This is a significant milestone for me since my career switch four years ago. It has been such a rewarding journey and I’m blessed to be able to do what I am passionate about. Self-discipline, Perseverance and Dedication go a long way. I view every opportunity given to me as a sign of trust from my clients. While upholding high level of integrity and empathy, I deliver value-added solutions to suit my clients’ needs. Adaptability is key to the ever-evolving dynamics of the real estate business."

Jervis Ng

CEA REG NO: R058385I

"Being the youngest to have ever achieved this award made me realise how blessed I am. This is a testament that with the right systems and mindset everything is possible! I aimed for this award ever since I entered this industry to inspire like-minded millennials that anything is possible! My team mates at JNA Real Estate also constantly inspires and pushes me to have bigger breakthroughs every year.

Systems, Systems, Systems! I believe that as humans we are naturally inconsistent and don’t feel bad or guilty about that. Instead of focusing on how to earn the one million, think about how to earn the first half a million SUSTAINABLY. Always put your clients' interest first and do whatever it takes to ensure OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE. Don't bring too much emotions into the deal and don't take things too personally. Just focus on challenging yourself!"

Jasmine Toh

CEA REG NO: R017569F

"While times might be changing, what is truly important is your dedication and passion to each client and his or her needs. I set myself apart by being not just a real estate salesperson, but a friend to those who wants a enjoy a smoother property transaction and grow their legacy through property investments. I am proud of the strong connections I have with my clients over the years. I would like to thank my clients for believing in me and supporting me with continuous referrals and business, the PropNex Management team for their constant support and encouragement and of course to my family, who I love and treasure, everything I strive for today is for the sake of my loved ones."

Joanna Tan

CEA REG NO: R041140C

"In this ever-changing time, I believe to set oneself apart, one has to be focused on doing the BEST for his or her clients and continue to learn and expand our knowledge as much as possible to add continuous value for the clients. I am truly thankful to all leaders who have helped me over the years and also to my clients for their constant belief in me with their property needs."

Joyce Lye

CEA REG NO: R055430A

"I feel grateful and thankful for my clients' trust and immensely blessed to be able to achieve this recognition. Apart from learning about the latest market updates and knowledge, I think for my husband and I, we highly value proper ethics and being sincere and genuine to our clients. This is especially so while leading a team, because it always flows from the top.

I would like to specially thank Marcus and Jo for their unending support and picking up my calls even at wee hours. Thankful to have #JoyceLyeAssociates running along with me as well. Also thank my family for taking care and playing with my son so that I can work at ease. Ever thankful and appreciative to my clients, friends and family who refer their friends and family to us continuously, trusting our professionalism and loving our value-added services! Thank you and big love to all of you! Most importantly, we would like to give all glory to God!"

Kelvin Chng

CEA REG NO: R008108Z

"It's a privilege to achieve this milestone for the hard work and effort that have put in. But monetary aside, it's even more satisfying to be able to assist many of my clients in their asset progression journey and secure a good deal for them during the pandemic period. In this industry, it's vital to always stay focused and disciplined. Always go the extra mile for clients and serve them with the best interest. Many times, others may just see the results, but behind it comes with countless rejections and grinding through weekends. It's important to have strong passion in what we do. "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life"

Kevin Feng

CEA REG NO: R009985Z

"I feel really honoured to achieve this title for the year 2020. This year, I hope to be more creative, more open minded to create concrete and long-term values for our clients and associates. In this evolving real estate market and changing times, I intend to set myself apart through:

Firstly: Build the best training structure for Chinese market.
Secondly: Build up our leaders and associates.
Thirdly: Keep learning and improve our business model for long term growth.

Linda Yang

CEA REG NO: R050535A

"I am humbled and extremely honoured to have earned this prestigious title. It has been a goal that I set out for myself when 2020 started. In 2020, on top of adapting to the new norm of working from home and adopting digital methods to conduct my business, I saw myself committing doubly long hours to work and clients with the heightened demand from the consumers. I'm glad we have emerged stronger from a difficult year and I truly believe that as long as we stay positive and persistent, we can achieve the breakthrough we want in life.

It is crucial to earn our credibility through open and effective communication. I seek to first interact with my clients to gain more insights on their priorities and requirements before I spend some time to tailor the best-fi ed customised plan or real estate portfolio for my clients individually. Apart from providing exceptional customer service, we have to keep our clients abreast with the progression in the market that may have a direct effect on their planning and decision-making process. I strongly believe that being focused and exercising self-discipline in delivering my promises allow me to build trust as well as strong rapport with my esteemed clients all these years."

Loyalle Chin

CEA REG NO: R047968G

"ShophouseHuat is honoured to transact over $420 Million worth of Shophouses and Landed Luxury homes. Grateful to our ultra high net worth clients for their trust in managing their property portfolio. We will continue to work towards to be Singapore's leading shophouse agency team: #1 店屋投资者体系! With COVID-19 we are seeing wealth of our clients including China and emerging Asia eagerly seeking to reside in Singapore's shores—our ShophouseHuat team is positioned to give them the Ultimate Private Wealth experience.

I am eternally grateful to my wife for her faith, enduring support and understanding. Thank you CEO Ismail Gafoor for being a mentor and role model through your visionary leadership at PropNex and in the home."

Matthew Lam

CEA REG NO: R013756E

"I feel very honoured to be a PropNex Millionaire for 2020. It's my third time receiving this title and I feel a great sense of achievement to be able to perform consistently at the highest level in my real estate career in PropNex.

I set myself apart from the rest by focusing on empowering consumers wit valuable insights, directions of the market and personal genuine views of what to do in this market, rather than focusing on product selling. Most importantly, leading a team of more than 300 associates has opened up my mind and exposed me to many different perspectives. It has allowed me to hone my skills of identifying consumers and my salespersons' objectives, sizing people up quickly and genuinely giving them what they want."

Melvin Lim

CEA REG NO: R009814D

"This award goes out to the whole PropertyLimBrothers family, especially our Inside Sales Team, Media Team, Editorial Team and Client Experience Team. Striving to be outstanding in marketing our properties creatively is a continuous effort to stay ahead of the game. Our mantra has always been to continue to do good and hardwork for clients and not to worry about the noise in the market. To continue and focus on being a solution-based team, looking to see how we can solve problems and being very research and analytical based. Aside from that, we have to connect on level with empathy yet being the expert for our clients when it comes to giving the right advice and guidance for their real estate. We’re also excited with our growth plans in 2021, add on to our research and editorial team and expansion of our inside sales team. So, do watch our socials for that!

My family and my team are always the pillar of my strengths; it allows me to go all out for our clients and my team to meet their expectations and needs. We would like to thank our clients, audience, our fans on our channels, for their continued support over the years — we're thankful, gratitude and will continue to do our best."

Paul Fam

CEA REG NO: R007736H

"I am humbled and grateful to be named as one of PropNex's Millionaires for 2020. Achieving this accolade is a testimony to my years of hard work and dedication in the real estate business. Putting my client’s interest first is key in achieving my success in this line of work. I also go the extra mile by providing value-added services such as portfolio management and asset planning for my clients. Many of them appreciate my services and eventually become long-term clients of mine over the years. It is with God's blessings that I am able to attain these results in 2020. I would also like to thank my wife for being my pillar of support, mentors in PropNex for their constant encouragement and very importantly, my clients for entrusting me with their property planning needs."

Raymond Giam

CEA REG NO: R014538Z

"The thought of becoming a Propnex Millionaire was never in my mind until two weeks before the year end when I was informed that I was very close to achieving the target. Nonetheless, I felt excited, grateful and humble at the same time for crossing this milestone in challenging times eg Covid 19, recession etc like this. To put it simply, I believe in a growth and abundance mindset in which constant learning, improving and adding value to the people around us should be an integral part. Besides giving the best in whatever I do, being adaptable and resilience are also key ingredients that will set oneself apart from the rest. Most importantly, enjoy the journey of work."

Shanel Liew

CEA REG NO: R024647Z

"Being a three-time PropNex Millionaire, I am super happy to be able to achieve this award again, consecutively for 2018, 2019 and 2020. It is definitely not easy to achieve it with more than 150 transactions done yearly. However, the job satisfaction and joy of assisting my clients find their dream home is what keeps me going year after year. I hope to be able to inspire new salespersons that this is an achievable target for all out there. If I can do it, so can you. I do not see how I am very different from the rest of fellow PropNexians, maybe just a little more focused, more hardworking and more hungry for success that's all."

Stella Thio

CEA REG NO: R030286H

Congratulations to Stella Thio for your exceptional performance in year 2020, being one of our 30 PropNex Millionaires! 🎉

"Thanks Be To God for all the blessings. I am truly so happy and am so honoured to be a PropNex Millionaire 2020. Hard work has definitely paid off! And it is worth it, working hard on what I love to do. Most of my income comes from tagging for Lux projects and partially from my role as Project Chief for several luxury projects. I focus on sharpening my presentation skills, on product knowledge, and especially knowledge on market dynamics, economic data & statistics. In this way, I can add value to my fellow colleagues to help them with handling their clients' concerns and assisting them to close deals."

Susan Ong

CEA REG NO: R049937H

Congratulations to Susan Ong for your exceptional performance in year 2020, being one of our 30 PropNex Millionaires! 🎉

"I still find it unbelievable that I’m one of the PropNex Millionaires. It is a great honour and I feel very proud of myself and my team. There is no magic bullet – It is still important to stick to core principles: put the customer first, stay project focused, and give my best to each and every client. Nowadays one must also keep up with the times by being quick to adapt to the changing conditions of the market or the limitations brought about by the global pandemic. For example, I had to pick up new skills to stay relevant and adapted new ways of marketing and presenting my properties to clients, mostly online."

Xavier Yin

CEA REG NO: R056214B

Congratulations to Xavier Yin for your exceptional performance in year 2020, being one of our 30 PropNex Millionaires! 🎉

"How do you feel being a PropNex Millionaire for 2020?
对于成为 2020 PropNex Millionaire, 你有何感想?
很荣幸能成为PropNex Millionaire for 2020。客户的信任是我持续努力的源动力, 特别是在新冠疫情这样特殊的时期, 帮助海外客户远程在新加坡配置房产更让我认 识到了自我的价值以及作为独立房产经纪人的重要性。是你们一次又一次的信任, 让我成为了今天更好的自己。我一直都信奉高调做事,才能一次比一次优秀;低调 做人,才能一次比一次稳健.
In this evolving real estate market and changing times, how do you set yourself apart to be the BEST in what you do?
在这个不断变迁的房地产市场及时代, 你是如何让自己脱颖而出?
因为新加坡房产市场信息透明, 所以关注房产新闻, 了解区域规划, 洞悉市场变化, 钻研交易数据就是我每天都要做的事情。只有通过长时间的整理与思考才让我更 有信心地去面对与解决每一位客户所遇到的问题. 与此同时, 认真对待每一位客户 与推荐人, 倾听了解不同的需求, 提供更多定制化服务以及与客户建立信任也是非 常重要的。特别是在面对中国客户时,我会全面介绍新加坡房产与中国房产的不同, 科学建议最合理的购房方案, 帮助他们买到最适合的房产, 通过房产配置来增添 财富."

Yuki Lin

CEA REG NO: R049320E

"I feel very happy and proud for being a PropNex Millionaire 2020. It gives me a sense of achievement and fulfilment that for my work in 2020 and also the motivation to do even be er in the coming year. Always listen and seek to understand my client's needs and propose the most suitable asset planning plan for them in their best interests. I also constantly attend PropNex's well rounded training programmes to empower myself on knowledge and soft skills. I would like to thank my leaders and team members in Lynn Gor's division for constantly motivating and providing good support. I would also like to express my gratitude and thanks to Apple Lin, my upline, without her I would not be able to achieve this success today."