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August 28, 2023

PropNex Crowned The Grand Champion Of The PropNex Monopoly Championship For the Second Year Running With $108,000 Cash Prize

Photo Caption: Mr Eddie Lim, Chief Agency Officer of PropNex, Mr Alan Lim, Director of PropNex, Mr San Thit Aung, Grand Champion PropNex Monopoly Championship 2023, Mr Ismail Gafoor, Executive Chairman and CEO of PropNex Realty, Ms Joanna White, Senior Manager Promotions & Partnerships, APAC (Hasbro Consumer Products) and Mr Lim Yong Hock, Key Executive Officer of PropNex

28 AUGUST 2023 - The Finals and Grand Finals of the PROPNEX MONOPOLY CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 happened on 27 August (Sunday). The nationwide PROPNEX MONOPOLY CHAMPIONSHIP returned for a second time this year with cash prizes over $180,000 for the Top 100 winners, including $108,000 for the Grand Champion.

After 4 months of competition (May till August 2023), the 37-year-old, Project Engineer, San Thit Aung emerged as a Grand Champion Winner and brought home the coveted $108,000 prize money, beating 109 other Finalists at Furama Riverfront Hotel, where the grand final was held. The intense Grand Finale game featuring the Top 4 Finalists was streamed LIVE that day on PropNex Singapore Facebook Page.

The Grand Champion highlighted, “When my friend recommended me to join the PROPNEX MONOPOLY CHAMPIONSHIP 2023, I never thought that I could advance through the rounds and be the eventual Champion winning $108,000! My main strategy was to manage my cash flow situation and buy to build as many houses as possible throughout the game. Thank you so much PropNex for organizing such a Championship that’s truly fun, engaging and insightful!” San Thit Aung also shared that he planned to use the proceeds from his winnings to buy something nice for himself and save for the future.

First Runner Up, the youngest grand finalist yesterday, 28-year-old Executive Alexandra Yee, who won $18,000 also shared her experience, “This experience has been fun and rewarding and I loved that the games constantly got me to think on my feet and make the best of the situations and any opportunities with the cards that I’ve been dealt with!”

Meanwhile, the second runner up, 40-year-old Kee Ya Na highlighted, “Even though I was not crowned the Grand Champion, I’m really proud of my 3rd Place title as I have worked hard to get through the numerous rounds for this final placing. This Championship is truly exciting and I look forward to join any other competitions that PropNex will organise in the future!”

Mr. Ismail Gafoor, CEO PropNex Realty shared, “I am truly happy for all the Top Finalists from the PROPNEX MONOPOLY CHAMPIONSHIP 2023. With each individual going through various rounds of games before the Finals, they will walk away from this Championship with priceless experience and an in-depth understanding of the real estate market in Singapore. The Top 50 finalists each minimally bring home cash prizes from $500 to $108,000 as a reward of their efforts in the past few months.”


Mr Ismail added, “We were definitely excited to bring back the PROPNEX MONOPOLY CHAMPIONSHIP for its second year in 2023 working alongside the Hasbro team. We are pleased with the great reception that PropNex received for both year’s Championship, with thousands playing the MONOPOLY PROPNEX EDITION, eager for a spot in the Finals. In fact, many past participants and members of the public contacted us through our social media channels, suggesting for us to bring back the games this year. We are confident that the MONOPOLY PROPNEX EDITION will continue bringing the real estate experience and consumers’ education to another experiential level and be an important tool for both young and old to discover more about the real estate landscape and financial literacy.”


The grueling PROPNEX MONOPOLY CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 – is a competition where participants could use their real estate skills to outbid others to emerge as the overall champion with the highest asset value. This aims to introduce insights of the Singapore residential market and financial literacy in a fun and gamified manner. The dynamics of the latest property cooling measures were being incorporated into the game rules such as one has to pay ABSD (Additional Buyers’ Stamp Duty) for purchase of second and subsequent properties.

The MONOPOLY PROPNEX EDITION is meticulously curated to bring out the essence of the “Singapore flavour” giving players a deeper understanding of the property market, namely what constitutes the Core Central Region (CCR), Rest of Central Region (RCR) and Outside Central Region (OCR) segments and as well highlighting the various challenges that investors have to overcome in owning multiple properties complying to various cooling measures currently in place. Additionally, the competition rules were tweaked so that participants can complete the game within 1.5 hours maximum.

It was in 2020 since the MONOPOLY PROPNEX EDITION Game was introduced and over 12,000 PropNex Monopoly Edition board games were sold through the company’s network of distribution.

In bringing the board game to a more exclusive feel, we fabricated an exclusive range of 2,000 pieces of the GOLD MONOPOLY PROPNEX EDITION. It comes in a gold hot-stamped certificate with serialized number and the design of the box is hot-stamped with gold-plated tokens.

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