Le Regal

$450,000 ($2,795 psf) [Negotiable]

  • Le Regal, 389365, D14

  • 161 sqft (15 sqm)

Agent Information

Laven Loo



+65 82887685

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  • District

  • Floor Area

  • SALE

  • Retail

  • Other Retail

  • D14

  • 161

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  • Partially Furnished

  • Ground Floor

  • 389365

  • Geylang Road


Freehold ground floor
Rented $1350
More than 3% rental yield

North, South, East, West, Central - all are covered! Share Laven NOW your profile and requirement and I will consolidate the details according to your needs.

Many units available at different costs! Contact me!

I has many lands and other industrial units for rent. Feel free to text me your requirements now and I will check for you! 您好 我有很多地或工业单位出租。若你有别的需求,随时联系我,我会尽力帮你找。

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Laven Loo 吕欣颐
PropNex Realty
CEA No: R060597F/ L3008022J
☏ (65) 8288 7685
✆ 微信 ID: Lavenloo

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