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Condominium for sale:


Treasures @ G19

Treasures @ G19, 388503, D14

$599,000 ($1,589 psf) [Starting from]

  • Beds 1

  • Baths 1

  • Size 377 sqft (35 sqm)


微信Derrick8100 Whatapps 81000777 了解更多信息。 Treasures @ G19 是一项很好的投资,可以产生令人满意的租金收入,因为它的位置使它成为一个有吸引力的选择,尤其是对于在该国的外国工人。该住宅靠近几个工业区,如 Geyland Bahru Industrial Estate、Shun Li Industrial Complex、Aljunied Industrial Estate,所有这些都在 10 分钟的距离内。便利的公共交通使住宅区成为没有车辆的公民的战略选择。宝藏附近的学校和教育学院@ G19 芽笼卫理中学 芽笼卫理小学 光华学校 布罗德里克中学 伊顿豪斯国际学校

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Treasures @ G19 is a good investment that would yield satisfiable rental income as its location makes it an attractive option especially for foreign workers in the country. The residence is located close to a few industrial areas such as Geyland Bahru Industrial Estate, Shun Li Industrial Complex, Aljunied Industrial Estate, all of which are just within 10 minutes distance. Ease of access to public transportation shapes the residential area as a strategic choice for citizens who do not own a vehicle. Schools and Education Institute near Treasures @ G19
Geylang Methodist Secondary School
Geylang Methodist Primary School
Kong Hwa School
Broadrick Secondary School
Etonhouse International School

Property Details

  • Listing Type

  • Property Group

  • Property Type

  • District

  • Floor Area

  • SALE

  • Apartment / Condo

  • Condominium

  • D14

  • 377

  • Furnishing

  • Tenure

  • Floor

  • Post Code

  • Street Name

  • Fully Furnished

  • Freehold

  • Low Floor

  • 388503

  • Lorong 19 Geylang



  • Outdoor Patio

  • Walk-in-wardrobe

  • Air conditioning

  • Water Heater

  • Low Floor

  • Renovated

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