November 4, 2023

Beyond Walls & Roofs

Embrace The Joy Of Home Ownership

Are you about to collect the keys to your new condominium? We extend a warm invitation to join us at the Singapore T.O.P Condo XPO, your ultimate portal to a world of home services, products, and professional advice tailored just for you.

Special Offers and Exclusive Deals

Exclusive Deals at Singapore T.O.P Condo XPO! Save on furniture, appliances, and home services exclusively for new condo owners. Maximize savings and make your transition into your new home delightful.

Engage with the Experts

Learn and make informed decisions about home renovation, energy efficiency, and more. Join us to celebrate this milestone and begin your new life at your dream home. Mark your calendar and register now!

Home Solutions

Unveil a broad spectrum of home solutions all under one roof: interior design, furnishings, home appliances, smart home technologies, cleaning services, security systems, and so much more.

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Register now to attend the 4th Nov 2023 New Homes XPO.

Join us at the New Homes XPO and let's celebrate this significant milestone together. Be a part of this exclusive event aimed at guiding you in beginning your new life at your new home. Mark your calendar. Embark on your journey home with us. Register now for the New Homes XPO!

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