PNG Power Selling Techniques [PST Enhanced] (Digital)

9 powerful lessons by our powerful trainers for just $50! We have modified the current PST & PFP program and combined them into this new program called Power Selling Techniques PST (Enhanced). This program teaches salesperson how to be a Real Estate Wealth Planner (REWP) for our clients. Our focus will be sharing with our people how to help their clients grow their wealth via assets and using our proven strategies!
Lesson Plan & TrainersLesson 1: Create Needs, Building Rapport by Gaynor Lim
Lesson 2: Build Trust & Credential by Garry Tan
Lesson 3: Position yourself as an Expert in Asset Progression! by Alex Goh
Lesson 4: Various Financing Methods by Kelvin Fong
Lesson 5: Using Square Foot, Identifying A Product by Gary Seah
Lesson 6: Savings Plan by Bryan Tan
Lesson 7: Assets Planning Using RAM calculator by Yvonne Lim
Lesson 8: Decoupling & Decoupling Timeline Management by Kelly Lim
Lesson 9: Final Delivery / Presentation by Kelvin Fong